If your site’s value proposition isn’t clear, it can hurt the conversion badly!

One thing you should always keep in mind that if your site’s Value Proposition sucks it can directly affect your site’s conversion.

Because when you are running a site, one thing you have to always keep in mind that no one will give a damn if it doesn’t solve their problem.

That the value proposition means! So from the above mentioned description I think it’s quite clear to you why value proposition matters soo much.

Sometime people start their website but without any clear goal in mind.

Now tell me as the owner of the website if you are not clear about the site’s purpose, how can you expect that your visitors will get it?

So starting a website isn’t enough you have to decide first for what & whom you are starting the website?

Will it really be beneficial for certain people? Will it solve their problem? Have you properly studied the market? Do you think your goal will cut the noise in the existing marketplace in this vertical?

You have to ask yourself the questions like these as mentioned above!

Just go deeper & deeper of a problem after identifying it then bring such a solution which will attract users to your website.

From technology aspect, creating & starting a website in these days is not at all tough. Rather it has become so easy that even some 6 grader will be able to start his/ her own site.

But the main thing is Value Proposition of the site! What value it will bring to your visitors plate.

Then only they will visit again, recommend to others, share it on social media, if this happens then only your site will gain the real traction.

If you are still not satisfied just skim a little bit on the internet you will find many such interesting examples.

Where from a tiny concept a highly successful website got built up. Now millions of people not just use it but it has become their daily habit.

Who doesn’t want it, right? But if you minutely look at those site you will find that, a simple but really effective idea behind has taken the site to that level.

Those sites were very clear about their value proposition from day one. So don’t take it reluctantly, it’s all about what value you are giving to your users.

If it’s really adding some value people will embrace it otherwise they will simple skip it.

So if you are still toying with your website then don’t do it. If it doesn’t have any clear purpose it will simply drain your money.

What do you think? Do you take the value proposition matter seriously for your website or still confused?

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