5 vital points to remember while starting your own Digital Marketing Agency!

Starting your own Digital Marketing Agency! Really tempting, right? But do you have any Idea what are the pre-requisites of this?

Yes; Because in my observation I have found a very harsh truth that many of the Digital Marketing Agency doesn’t even maintain the basic standard.

Now you must be thinking, what standard I am talking about? Here standard means the basic etiquette & guidelines any agency in this sphere must follow.

I am taking you to the actual matter from which this idea/ thinking came in my mind.

In order to find out & scrutinise the Best Digital Marketing Agencies around for TheDigitalCircle, our (Me & my Team) experience was really terrifying for many of the instances.

So by drawing reference of those points one by one I will discuss about the pre-requisites which you must adhere when planning to start your own Digital Marketing Agency.

Because when you are jumping into a specific kind of business then you should follow the basic protocols of it. Otherwise there is no need of just creating noise.

So what were those observations & what you should learn from each of those?

#1. Poor Email Etiquette

If you are serious about your business then you should main a bit professionalism in business communication to mainly email.

As most of the communication/ exchange is done through this. But many of the business owners don’t even bother to reply for a business email for many days even weeks.

We have also faced such instances. After all you are running a Digital Marketing Agency & if you get shy away from the most important digital medium for business communication (Email) how it can be considered.

So before delving into the business it’s one thing which you need to learn first.

#2. Low/ No Presence in Social Media

Many time during listing any Digital Marketing Agency when we were searching for their Social Media Presence (as per our guideline) our experience was really pathetic.

We have came across many such agencies which don’t even have there Social Media profiles.

Though they have put icons in their website about various social platforms but when we clicked we found out that button/ icon is not even linked with any page.

Can you imagine this? A company which is promising their customers that they will boost their Digital Presence, they themselves don’t have any Social Media Visibility.

So always remember, Low/no presence in Social medium is a very negative sign for an Agency which provides Digital Marketing related services.

#3. Promise only what you can deliver

As I have mentioned in my previous point, when your customers are seeing you don’t have your presence or time to maintain your presence over social media how you can guarantee their business success/ growth there?

So same like this, in digital marketing sphere there dozens of various segments don’t start offering everything with your low/ no bandwidth of initial days.

It will simply jeopardise your reputation & before even take off from the ground your venture will get crashed.

#4. Do you have a kick-ass team

If no? Then create one at first. Because it’s not like any of such profession which you can easily accomplish without anybody’s help.

Digital Marketing is total team game. You need resources for Content, Creatives, Organic, Paid & other parts of it.

If you think you are the master of all then beware of getting drained all your energy, enthusiasm & dream with mammoth loads of work on your shoulder.

So before ride on the train find some effective companions.

#5. Make your hands dirty on your own property first

It’s Digital Marketing. As it’s Marketing it involves money without money no marketing campaign can sustain.

And when directly money is on stake no one will tolerate any improper utilisation of their money. So if you are not being able to generate good ROI, client will never give you second chance.

It’s one instance and the other one is, if you are thinking that you will gain your first real experience by running your client’s campaign directly then beware.

Because always remember if anything wrong happens in your clients property your career & future can get destroyed.

So my advice to you all will be at first get your hands dirty in your own property then start taking client projects. It will help to boost your confidence too.

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