RIP, Rich Cards! Why Google has taken this decision?

Due to a recent Semantic Search update, the term Rich Cards has been discarded from Google Developers page.

But don’t worry, it has been removed for a bigger & clearer purpose from Semantic Search’s perspective. To make your search experience better Rich Cards are now part of a bigger family.

Rich Cards have been the part of Rich Results now

We might not have noticed until Aaron Bradley of Semantic Search Marketing G+ Group had notified us.

Recently Google has brought some updates in this specific search paradigm. Removing Rich Cards from Google Developers section is one part of that process.

Rich Cards, which came into existence in May 2016 as a part of Enhanced Search results of Google, now entered into a new era.

The main purpose of it was to give an enhanced/ rich presentation to certain type of searches in search result using Structured Data.

Because Google always tries to make your search experience better & relevant. To make that experience more visually appealing in an informative manner Rich Cards concept took it’s birth.

But now Google has removed it! Now you might be thinking wasn’t it helpful? Obviously, it was! So?

Who said that Google has Discarded it totally? It has just been removed from where it was.

It is now part of a bigger family called Rich Results! A much broader & extended group of rich search results.

You can consider this as the super set which consists of results like Rich Cards, Snippets & Featured Snippets.

So to give your content not only a better appearance in search but to make it more useful to the users this new feature is going to add more value.

If you look at the picture above you will find that how Rich Results will shape up a particular search result.

Let’s say you are looking for a specific book, you know it’s name now you are looking for a bit more information to make the purchase decision.

That’s why you are searching, right? Otherwise, why will you waste your time rather visiting directly to the store (online/ offline)?

But just by giving the name in the search box if you get all relevant information like Picture, summary, ratings, reviews & other relevant data in a compact manner, wouldn’t it be helpful.

That’s the reason Google brought the Rich Cards concept now it has become more enriched with Rich Results.

So, have a look at it & let me know your feedback.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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