Why Above The Fold Content Plays a Crucial Role in Your Site’s Conversion?

If your Website’s Above The Fold Content sucks, it can be the Biggest Roadblock in your Site’s Conversion!

Yes, it’s the fact! You can’t just deny the role of Above The Fold Content in increasing effectiveness of the User Experience, which directly helps to improve your Site’s Conversion.

Let’s say, you have poured all your creative abilities to develop your website but in this whole process you have totally missed out the Conversion part of it. But it’s the ultimate thing.

Otherwise why are you building a site if it’s not capable of converting your business needs/ goals? That may be increase in sales/ page view/ newsletter subscribers or anything else.

To increase all the above mentioned factors, the elements & planning for your site’s above the fold content matters a lot.

Because it has been found in the study that,

Elements above the fold were seen more than elements below the fold: the 100 pixels just above the fold were viewed 102% more than the 100 pixels just below the fold.

So, due to the urge of creating something different from User Experience perspective if you start playing with it & neglect the basic rule, it will ultimately hamper the conversion goal/ process.

Now let’s find out why this happens? What are the basic reasons behind this?

#1. Our gradually decreasing attention span

The way human attention span is decreasing in this fast pace world, keeping that in mind if you expect that an user will give same attention to a content which far below in the page then you are doing a mistake.

There are very few who will show that much of interest to a far Below The Fold content comparing to a Above The Fold one.

#2. We loose patience very easily

It’s a very common trait of many of us. After landing on a certain webpage if we find that the above the fold page is not so interactive/ engaging, we loose half of our interest to further skim through.

So you have to keep in mind that, you have got very few seconds & within that time frame you have to grab the attention of the users utilising the effectiveness of above the fold content.

#3. Probability of Clicking on any Call To Action gets lower as you go down to any webpage

It’s a very basic psychology.

There is no such hard & fast rule but it’s better if you can keep your preferred CTAs in Above The Fold area or immediately next area to that. It’s better attention grabbing.

#4. Placement of any CTA defines it’s importance

Obviously, you will never keep your most preferred CTA (Call To Action) in the footer of the page. If you keep it, that’s not any crime but generally you never do this. Right?

It’s equally true from audience’s perspective. If the user finds that there is a call to action button in the extreme footer of a page chances of clicking on that will be much lower.

#5. To make the conversion happen, you have to capture the user’s attention first

It can never happen if you put the CTA anywhere in the below of the page reluctantly. Because, to reach down to that level the attention of the users will also get fade away.

So, these are the reasons why am I suggesting you to make your Above The Fold section more engaging. What do you think

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