7 Reasons, why every Content Writer should focus on Content Readability?

Content Readability is a vital metric to measure your content’s success in the Digital Paradigm!

So if you want to become a better Content Writer never ever neglect the Readability aspect of it. Because Content Readability carries a great importance towards the effectiveness of it.

You may have written a great piece of article with through Research & Understanding but if your piece lacks readability then most of it’s glamour will Fade Away.

You must be feeling a bit weird if you are learning about this for the first time, but it’s the fact. So let me make it a bit easier for you to understand from the very basic level.

What is Content Readability?

It’s a way of measuring the ease of readability of your content. Whether the readers are being able to read it effortlessly or not, across all mediums.

It’s just like the User Experience part of a Design. If the User Experience sucks, does there remain any meaning of creating a great design?

So readability is same like that. The Usability Part of design is same as the Readability aspect of Content! In both cases, if the end user doesn’t get satisfied experience wise, it’s of no use.

Now let’s break it up why Readability is so important?

# Reason 1

Firstly you are Writing for Humans, not for any bots or search engine crawlers. So when humans are your top most priority, you have to take care the ease of their reading very seriously.

Otherwise, if they can’t read the content properly what purpose remains of it then?

# Reason 2

Poor Content Readability creates a very bad impression on your readers. Your content’s quality might be very high but if the readers can’t read it how they will understand the quality part.

# Reason 3

First impression matters! So if your content just looks like a pile of text at first sight, I am betting that more than 90% people will move away before even completing the first 2-3 lines.

# Reason 4

Low Content readability will directly affect the User Experience, as readability is directly related to this. If the user experience hampers it will create a drastic impact on your brand value.

# Reason 5

You have to maintain a certain visual standard for your content, considering the wide range of audiences irrespective of their Visual Power. Otherwise, a large portion of the user will be neglected.

# Reason 6

It will hamper the SEO aspect too. Because nowadays, readability of your content is a vital factor in SEO. In content analysis part if your content lacks then ultimately it will damage the reach & reputation of it.

# Reason 7

From a general Reader’s perspective If you found a Blog Post/ Web page/ Book’s page with a shitload of random texts without proper formatting, alignment & spacing, will you ever look back to that again?

No one would. Right? So Presentation & Readability matters.

From the 7 reasons given above you must have got a clear idea regarding why Readability of your content is such a vital factor.

In my next article, I will discuss some effective tips to accomplish it!

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