Why Image plays a Crucial Role in your Landing Page Design?

A significant Image is not just any visual ornament rather it’s one of the most important pillars for Landing Page Design!

No, I am not at all exaggerating. I am just trying to show you the actual picture. Because a successful Landing Page design depends on many such factors & one of the most important among them is the Image you chose.

Landing Page Design Tips

Sometimes we give very low weight to this vital metric but as far as the Landing Page Design is concerned it’s the most important quotient which drives the success of this page.

Once I came across a landing page of a certain company after subscribing their email newsletter which I found had no meaning about their purpose.

Let’s say you are a content marketing agency & through your blog, you make people aware of the power of content marketing. Ok?

Now you are trying to draw more people towards your blog through getting more & more email newsletter subscribers. So that’s your objective!

Keeping that in mind you have crafted a beautiful Landing Page with the striking layout, Intelligent Tagline & beautiful Color scheme.

But in the middle of everything you took the proper image choosing for the page lightly.

So in the end, you have placed such an image which shows “A road heading towards a Foggy Destination” in the backdrop.

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Do you really think by any chance it’s going with your objective, which is to draw more people who are interested in content marketing through showing the power of it?

No, I think;

Now tell me, the image you have chosen, does it anyhow signifies you purpose by any extent? No right? So how can you even expect that people will subscribe to your newsletter purposelessly?

If you can’t show them the purpose, how do they even be able to relate to it? That much of importance an Image bears behind any successful Landing Page design.

So here I am giving you 5 such reasons why you need to be more cautious while choosing an image for your landing page!

#1. It gives the audience a clear objective

Why should they be interested in a random page where they have landed? A meaningful image can give that magnetic force to it.

#2. An image can tell a thousand words

Yes; Because you can’t just stuff a large chunk of words to convey your purpose through the landing page right? It’s not right because it can bore people.

Rather you can use a significant image to cut the wind of all boredom.

#3. It helps you to grab attention quickly

A delightful image or a crisp Graphics has the power of drawing the attention of people quicker than text-only medium. Sometimes people move away after seeing a large volume of content.

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But that same meaning if gets conveyed through a nicely crafted image people will give it a look at least. The chance is relatively higher in this case.

Just have a quick at look how we have crafted our Agency Page. So whenever anyone will land over there, he/ she will get a clear grasp of it.

#4. It’s a visual delight to the audiences

You can’t just ignore this, even no one of us can. An image gives a visual delight, it takes us to our memory lane. It pushes us to think & that can always boost your audiences decision-making.

#5. The Journey Begins  from the experience of Landing & where you are landing

Just like you land to a new country. The first ever experience stays in your mind is where you have landed, the place.

That same experience we all feel whenever we land to any Landing page for the first time. So you will only have few seconds to awe your visitors & attract them towards your brand’s purpose.

So design a wonderful Landing Page experience to amaze, attract & convert your visitors.

Your audiences’ first ever landing experience should always be delightful.

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