Auto Playing Videos: Is Google betting on this to enhance our Search Experience?

How will it be if you find relevant Auto Playing Videos on Search Results page for a specific search you have made?

Whether Auto Playing Videos will be good or not for improving search experience that’s a matter of argument!

But Google is surely testing this new feature, so we can hope that in near future we can experience this brand new elements with in search results!

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable reported this yesterday. Initially Jeniffer Slegg from TheSEMPost had identified this all new experiment/ testing from Google.

As I had mentioned earlier this new experiment is a new bet can be effective but it can backfire too from user experience’s perspective.

Though it will totally depend on audience’s perspective but still there a chance remains. Because there are many who doesn’t like to get any distractions in core search result.

So if you belong to that category who doesn’t like Auto Playing Videos specially while searching you may not like it.

Now you must be curious to know how this new element is coming into the search result. As Google is currently running this as a limited test so you may not have seen it in your search result.

So here how it’s coming, while you give any search query on Google in the right side’s knowledge panel of the search result page this whole new element is coming.

Lets say you are searching for your favorite movie, In the search result page Google will start playing a video automatically.

Initially the video will start playing in mute mode, so it will still be your choice whether you wanna play it or not. Another good thing is the video will be autoplayed only for the first time.

So it’s all about how you perceive it. But from my perspective I am pretty much interested to experience this whole new feature.

It may add a new visual quotient in the search result page. And organically it will do lot of promotion too for a brand or search.

Lets say someone is searching for your company in Google.

So after giving a search, in the result page if he/ she finds a intriguing video besides all other results which starts playing automatically shouldn’t it be intriguing?

Because manually there will be comparatively less number of people who start playing the video.

So instead of that if the video starts playing automatically not only it will give a better identity but also a deep understanding about your brand or organisation.

Because a video is always much more effective than text & other form of media.

So this new test on Auto Playing Videos may bring a whole new search experience in future when it will be rolled out in full fledged.

What do you think?

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