Why Google has dropped off it’s Instant Search property?

Yes; Google Instant search is no more! Once “Fundamental Shift in Search” has been dropped off for a much better & fluid search experience across all devices.

Since it’s launch in 2010 the way Search Ecosystem has been evolved & spreaded rapidly across multiple devices this change was quite inevitable.

Instant Search had come into existence specifically to improve the searches made on Desktop devices. So that users can get relevant information as quickly as possible while they are typing.

But after that stint different smart Mobility Devices has disrupted the entire search experience. Now even more than 50% of searches are being performed on mobile devices.

So once “Fundamental Shift in Search” is shifting again to a new direction on the verge of this disruption due to the evolution of mobility devices.

It’s quite true because in the present days we all are surfing internet & making hundreds (even more) of searches in a day while we are on the go.

You are searching for best restaurants around while with your girlfriend or searching for a nearest ATM while travelling through a unknown place, so the reason can be anything!

To get all theses information what better alternative we have than making a simple google search. & where we are making all these searches obviously in our Smartphones/ Tablets, right (mostly)?

So in this way the number of searches made on different mobility devices has increased so rapidly that it had given birth of different input & interaction methodologies.

With different input & interactions to all these devices it also comes with various screen constraints.

So by keeping this in mind Google has revamped the search experience by dropping off the Instant Search mechanism.

Till now you would get relevant search results while you were still typing. Right?

But from now on while you will be typing you will get relevant suggestions and when you will click to a suggestion then only the results will be loaded, not automatically.

Because searching using Desktops & Laptops or searching using your smartphone is not exactly the same thing experience wise & from all the above mentioned points I have stated.

So keep these in mind this all new approach will surely bring a fresh air & fluid approach in search experience on all devices.

What’s your take on this? Do share your feedback in the comment section below.

Source: Search Engine Land

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