10 effective content writing tips to make your piece notable?

Most of the time when we start writing we become so much immersed in the thought process that sometimes we even forget to follow the essential best practices of content writing.

But as a professional content your content writing practice & pattern should not only resonate the powerful thought behind it but how clearly it’s conveying the core message, that’s also important.

Because every piece of content should have a definite purpose, otherwise for what you are writing & for whom.

No one gives attention to a purposeless writing whether it’s a fiction or non fiction or journalistic or any business writing.

So now the million dollar question is how to make your content more effective, intriguing & notable? What practices you must bring into your content writing process?

Worried? Don’t be! Here are the tips, have a look.

#1. Keep your goal fixed, don’t deviate from it

Sometimes we start writing with a theme in mind but in the middle of the way we get distracted. There the twist comes & we become directionless.

But an effective content should always be tightly bound with it’s purpose from start to finish. That’s the first & foremost rule of effective Content Writing. So stick with it.

#2. Do in depth Research first

No content can be considered as effective if there no solid research process is involved. So do an in depth research before delving into the process of actual writing.

#3. Craft a Kick-Ass Headline

Don’t neglect the power of Headline. Before starting any of the phrases at first give your full focus on crafting an enticing headline.

Because an intelligent headline can increase the conversion (in terms of view & other ways) to a great extent.

#4. Keep the foundation strong

Here the foundation means based on which references & sources you are writing a piece.

If you can’t provide a solid foundation to what you are claiming, your trust factor & credibility as a writer will get hamper.

#5. Try to understand the readers psychology to some extent

As a writer it’s another vital job of yours, how you are tapping the nerve of your readers. Because if you know/ have some idea about your audience base then you have to analyse it.

You have to find out what they want, what they are looking for & how your written piece can help them.

#6. Keep your language easy & free flowing

Content writing is not only about showing your caliber with your linguistic power. Your stronghold over the language is very important but with this you have to keep in mind the audience engagement part too.

If your readers are not engaged, half of the purpose of your writing will be lost. It (bringing engagement) is only possible if you truly believe & have the capability to craft a complex thing in a simpler manner.

Simply you need to be a storyteller, irrespective of the context!

#7. Don’t just bore your readers with your own whims & fancies

Readers are reading your articles for a definite purpose, so give them that. Don’t just bore them by taking through your whims & fancies which has no meaning or purpose to them.

#8. Look after the Readability of your content

If you aren’t taking the readability of your written piece seriously then your readers will also stop taking you & your writing seriously.

Because no one likes visual discomfort while they are reading a piece of article.

#9. Try to add some visual delight after each interval

Add attractive images, Meaningful GIFs to give a vibrant feel to your content.

#10. Your content should be cut throat

We all like to read what is real in a very raw manner, so try to bring that tonal quality in your writing.

As a writer don’t just safe guard yourself, you are a soldier & writing is your sword. So use it wisely & properly.

What do you think?

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