5 Reasons why Digital Medium should be on top of your Advertising Goal!

Yes; The way Digital Advertising segment is spreading rapidly, no one can deny it’s Impact, Reach & Effectiveness!

No, I will not give you any logical jargon, rather I will present 5 vital Market Stats & Trends here on Digital Advertising medium, which will tell you why am I bringing this argument.

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You must be thinking what’s new to this because in the age of digital dominance everyone knows about what Digital Medium & Advertising is! Right?

But shockingly, the answer is no. There has a large segment of people who still believe in traditional Mediums for Advertising, like Print, TV, Outdoor etc.

May be they are spending huge in these mediums & not getting that much of return but still, they feel a bit alienated while they listen about Digital Medium.

There are many reasons behind this kind of thought but that’s not the topic of discussion today. I will cover that in a different article.

Today I will discuss 5 vital Market Statistics on Digital Advertising which will help you to understand why you should move into this medium. If you still haven’t.

Let’s find out,


As per the report of eMarketer, by this year (2017) total spending on Digital Advertisement will surpass TV Ad in the US.

Ad Spending Percentage wise it’s quite impressive. It has been reported that the percentage of Digital Ad Spending will be 38.4% of total ad expenditure. Quite a good amount, right?


Google & Facebook are the two dominating force in Digital Advertising medium. Their combined share is 57.6% of the entire space.

So these are the two most sought-after destinations for all the advertisers.


In Digital Advertising space, Native Ads are more effective than Banner Ads. If you compare with the % of views then Native Ads formats are viewed 53% more than the traditional Banner Ads.


According to ADI, in such a pace the Advertising Cost in Digital Medium is increasing it’s much faster than the costing of TV Ads & inflation of the US.

The margin is really high. If you compare with Inflation of the US then it’s growth rate is 5x faster than this & from TV Ads growth’s perspective, it’s 71% faster.


If you are curious to know about the average CTR (Click Through Rate) of different ad formats then here is an interesting result stated by Hubspot & Business Insider.

As per Hubspot for any Display Ads, the average CTR is 0.06%. While for Native Ads the Average CTR is much higher than this, 0.33% & 0.16% for Mobile & Desktop respectively.

So if you still haven’t started to crave your path into Digital Advertising then my suggestion is to start it immediately. It’s will be really effective for your brand’s Outreach,  Branding & Promotion.

Source: The Financial Brand

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