Continuous Communication: The only way to keep sanity of your Online Reputation!

If you are worried about how to keep your Online Reputation clean in the vibrant online landscape of business  then there is one & only way!

Straight, Clear & Honest communication. There are no other shortcuts or tricks available which can save your online reputation from getting jeopardized.

Those days have gone where you would get the mercy of your customers easily even after making a blunder in business.

In those days people were helpless & businesses would hold the ultimate power.

A very common thought existed there as a normal consumer what extent a customer can go against a big company.

But with the advent of this digital medium the business landscape has totally been changed.

Now the consumers hold the actual power, if as a business owner you take your customers for granted then that day if not far when you simply get outnumbered.

Because in this age of Digital & Social Media dominance a word can spread like a wildfire in no time.

& if it’s related to hatred or hate speech kind of then it gets fueled much much faster.

So keeping your reputation safe in online medium not just tough rather it’s one of the biggest challenges in present paradigm.

There is only one way to keep it intact, which is continuous communication. There is no better alternative than this.

Let’s say someone has raised a false allegation against you/ your brand in any online community.

But if you think that you will just stay calm & gradually it will stop, then you are doing a grave mistake.

In this age, in digital sphere nobody controls anyone’s voice. So Continuous communication is the only way to keep everything neutralized.

So if you are worried about how you should fight with all those negative comments around your business, then simply start communicating publicly on those blames or questions rose with your honest intensions.

Animesh Roy
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