Does the headline of your content provokes the readers?

If your brilliantly written piece starts with a average headline, no one is going to spare it!

Most of the time people will simply move away from your piece if they find the headline is too boring/ flat/ pointless!

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Because no one is ready to waste their precious time by reading an article if it’s headline doesn’t seem intriguing, interesting & thought provoking to them.

It’s not just a starting point for your piece rather it’s like an elevator pitch (in shortest form) for your thought which you have conveyed through your writing.

It’s quite right, otherwise why people will read your post if it doesn’t tease their emotion or trigger their curiosity?

No one likes to know about what they are already aware of, it’s pretty boring right?

To me, you & everyone!

So as a writer you are like a chef. It’s your responsibility to make the dish in such a way that it will not only taste good but presentation wise also it will be very attractive.

Because if your delicious dish looks crappy, no one will gonna taste it. It’s equally true for your writing, here the headline works like that beside all other presentation factors.

It is the key driving factor of bringing traffic into your article. Sometimes people think, as they have written a brilliant piece so it doesn’t matter whether their headline is catchy or not.

Those who wanna read, will read! Sorry, it doesn’t happen in reality. You have to be a bit cautious about it’s delicacies too.

Your content’s Headline adds up such a delicacy factor! Without it your content will never be able to grab the readers attention.

In the very beginning of my blogging journey I was also very reluctant about crafting an effective headline. In those days I used to put all my energy into writing the main article.

But gradually as my experience has grown I have learned one vital thing of content writing. Which is whenever you are planning to write a piece before delving into the main part at first try to put your maximum effort in creating a good headline.

Then around that central theme pen down your article.

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