Is your Content Marketing Plan getting Haunted by Randomness?

Readers/ Followers want consistency from their favourite publishers from both Content Creation & Content Marketing Plan!

Let’s say you are pretty serious about publishing content but you don’t have any proper Content Marketing Plan ready then it can wreak havoc.

Content Marketing Plan Tips

Because always remember, Content Marketing starts from the very beginning of creating the content, from the ideation stage.

It gives a properly laid out strategy with a clear forecast regarding what your readers/ audiences are going to get in the upcoming days/ weeks/ months.

a well-crafted Content Marketing Plan can’t be full of randomness & surprises, it has to be well crafted & well thought off!

Check out any big content creator, you will find one thing very common in all of them. What is that? That is they very Consistent, Clear & Content about their publishing & overall Content marketing plan.

They are very Consistent, Clear & Content about their publishing & overall Content Marketing Strategy from the very beginning.

They don’t just publish content randomly, they craft as per their Editorial Calendar & Content Marketing Blueprint.

If your readers know what they will be getting on a particular day or they will get something exciting on each at a particular time, it creates a sense of expectation.

If you don’t have any such thing, neither consistency nor a clearly defined plan, how can you expect that your Content Marketing will ever be going to survive?

Because you can’t just say that randomness is your strategy.

As I have stated in one of my previous articles that the Process of Content Marketing starts much before the actual writing process begins.

From finding your target audience demographics to setting your goal properly.

Now if you are being bitten by the bug of randomness, it will jeopardise everything from the very beginning.

Let’s assume that you are a good writer but you never think or plan anything in an organised manner. You just try to finish it off as soon as possible in a hurry.

Timely delivery matters but in that urge, if you just become aimless then from the content marketing standpoint you will never be able to succeed.

So try to chuck off the bug of randomness from inside you. After that you will find out your Content Marketing Plan is getting streamlined gradually.

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