How to choose the Right Digital Marketing Program for Your Career?

What questions should you ask yourself & to the concerned authority before choosing a Digital Marketing Program?

Shall I do a complete Digital Marketing Certification Course or a Specialised One?

Yes, that’s a major question which hits in many of the aspiring Digital Marketers minds. What kind of Digital Marketing Program they will pursue actually?

Shall they pursue a Complete Course or they should move one step at a time? Means completing specialised Certifications one after one as per your preferences/ interest?

Many newbies get confused in this particular matter after searching numerous course structures in the websites of different Digital Marketing Institutes.

But the problem is, without any expert suggestion if you search here & there randomly, it will simply increase your confusion level. You will never be able to take any firm decision.

So to help you out from this state of confusion today I have started writing this post by addressing this long-standing matter.

It’s going to be a multi part post as there are lots of things which need to address properly. So it’s the very first part of this series of posts.

In this part I will discuss about what questions you must ask yourself and to the concerned authority before selecting any Digital Marketing Program.

I have already pointed out the biggest question which will definitely come in your mind in the beginning of this post. Other questions are related to this to some extent.

So what are those questions which a newbie must raise?

The questions are,

  1. Whether I am choosing a correct course or not?
  2. Will it suffice all of my requirements or not?
  3. The cost is too high! I can’t afford it at this point of time.
  4. The tenure of the program is a bit long/ too short
  5. Is this course equally good from practical aspect?

If your mind is also puzzled with these type of queries then it’s good.

But if you haven’t thought so deeply then these are the set of queries which you must get clarified before taking any final decision.

Why asking these questions are so important? Let me explain you why!

Because you may not have that much of time or budget required for a specific mode of program or you are looking for an advanced course as per your experience level, the reason may be anything.

And when you are thinking this you have to also keep the financial matter in mind. It’s the ultimate thing.

Let’s say you are opting for a complete Digital Marketing Certification program which will cover all the aspect of it.

So obviously it will cost you more & take a bit longer time comparing to any specialised course which just covers a single area. Right?

But as the specialised course covers a single topic, so to get the overall knowledge of Digital Marketing you have to complete all the courses separately.

So, as a whole when you will estimate the total costing, you will find that more or less the expanse is same, even it can be a bit more sometimes based on various factors.

But doing a specialised program has it’s own benefit. When you are completing the entire program in this fashion then your depth of knowledge will increase to a great extent.

As you can take your own time to consume one subject at a time in your own rhythm before delving into another one. It will never be possible for the complete course.

But in this case you also have to understand, Is your selected curriculum (Specialised One) designed for the beginners? If not, it will not be helpful for you by any means.

Another problem is time, the total time it takes to complete the entire course.

Let’s assume you have chosen a good program as per your requirement but the time it takes is too long. And you can’t just spend that much of time at this stage of your career.

But the courses are available for shorter time frame are all for the Experienced persons only. So that’a big problem.

So when your are juggling with all these questions one another question may hit your mind. How much practically enriched the course is?

Does it provide detailed case studies/ live assignments? How I will be exposed to the practical scenarios? Does they provide any internship/ placement support?

All these questions are very much valid.

So always keep these points in mind while selecting any Digital Marketing Program for your future. Ask all the necessary questions & get these clarified from the respective authorities.

What other questions do you have in your mind? Please share with us in the comment section.

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