Don’t let your brilliant idea rot in your mind! Just pen it down with its occurrence.

Sometimes people think the more time they will give that will bring more shine to their idea. In this way a brilliant idea gets rotten in your mind.

After a long interval when you actually decide to pen it down, you found that you have actually lost the affection from it. Once brilliant idea of yours has become a mere ordinary one.

So never ever get yourself trapped for the pursuit for gaining perfection. With occurrence of a brilliant idea just try to write that down as soon as possible, gradually improvise on it.

But never ever let the actual idea go to coffin due to urge of writing a perfect piece. Always remember that perfection is a myth.

You can move towards it with constant improvisation but achieving it is not a definite thing. The Everest has its peak, but a hypothetical thing like perfection has no such definite peak.

So how can you imagine that your brilliant idea will ever be able to touch that level?

Even all of the brilliant writers ever existed in this planet can’t claim that they have achieved the ultimate level of perfection ever. So how can you dare that, while you are still a novice?

So follow these simple steps to give your brilliant idea a better shape!

#1. Don’t waste time

Pen it down as soon as it strikes in your mind. Don’t just let it stale in your mind’s chamber.

#2. Jot down all your imaginations with full pace

When any idea first strikes in our mind, lots vivid imaginations also come with it at first shot. As time passes by everything fades away slowly.

So don’t let that happen, attack with your full imagination when it has just arrived & give your idea a shape. It will be first draft/ cut of your article.

#3. Now delve into research to give your piece a good shape

You have penned all your whims & fancies but what about making it better rounded

Without proper references no story can be completed. So doing in depth research in another crucial step which gives wings to your idea.

So contemplate, curate & mine more information which relevant & will make your piece more fulfilling a complete one.

Animesh Roy
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