Your Content Marketing Strategy is failing repetitively! Do you know why?

Because you are not focused on creating proper Audience Demographic beforehand! & randomly no Content Marketing Strategy can be built!

To Create an effective Content Marketing Strategy you need to focus on segmenting your Audience demographic first!

Is your content marketing strategy suffering? Do you know why?

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Without clear segmentation/ identification of your targeted audience, to whom will you pitch your content? No Content Marketing Strategy can survive without a clear target.

Survival comes much later but without proper Demographical data in hand how will you even create such a strategy/ planning to market you content?

We always create content keeping a specific set of audience base in our mind. It’s not that we switch-on our laptop & start writing.

There are lots of background process which needs to complete one by one to make a Content Marketable. That’s what the main objective of content marketing is. Right?

So the main question comes here how to make your content marketable?

Obviously you have to write a kick ass piece of article. But if you deliver that piece to someone who never needed it, what will be the benefit of it?

That’s where the Audience Demographic thing comes into the picture! Otherwise there is no meaning of hitting around the bush.

So if you have proper demographics (in depth) of your targeted audience beforehand you will be able to identify following things,

  • Age group, gender, location
  • What’s their interest base?
  • There online search & behavioral pattern
  • a broad idea about their likes etc.

Now if you are worried about how will you get those detailed information then there lots of sophisticated analytics tools are available.

By integrating any of those into your website, churning out the raw data in easily understandable report is very easy. You don’t even have to spend a dime for it, use Google Analytics.

Once you get all the details then the actual process starts. The process of filtering in & out according to your target/ niche.

Now when you have segmented a specific audience group after thorough analysis that’s your target demographic. For whom you have to write & to whom you have to pitch.

This is the actual effective strategy of Content crafting & marketing. Otherwise you will never be able cut the noise in this jungle Digital Content.

Hope you have got my point, why I was telling to focus on Audience Demographic first before starting any process of not just content planning & marketing but crafting it.

What is your opinion on this?

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