Why you should focus more on Content Marketing? 6 Vital Stats!

If your Digital Marketing Strategy lacks proper Content Marketing plan, it can bring a serious setback for your business.

Why? Because Content Marketing is not just an element of your Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint rather it’s a driving force of the entire strategy.

Importance of Content Marketing

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No Digital Marketing effort is complete if that lacks this activity.

A properly crafted Content Marketing plan not only helps you to gain better visibility Online but it also helps to increase your business’s Conversion & ROI (Return On Investment).

No, it’s not any hypothesis! Data speaks for it, real data & stats from the authority voices of this sphere. Based on that, recently The Financial Brand Magazine has published a detailed report.

From that report, some crucial facts have come out, which states why Content Marketing is so important for any business’s success on Digital Medium.

Here are the reasons,

#1. It helps to Boost Lead Generation

Without effective Lead Generation, no business can sustain in the long run. But generating leads is not so easy because we need qualified leads not just any leads. Right?

That’s where effective Content Marketing helps. For many marketers, Content Marketing is the most preferred/ favored digital strategy & top method for Lead Generation.

If you calculate on per dollar basis, you will be thrilled by knowing that you can generate 3 times more lead using Content Marketing practice than traditional one.

#2. Conversion also increases to a significant amount

Six Times increase in Conversion! Yes, it has been seen that the Companies/ Brands which use Content Marketing effectively, get much higher conversion rate (Six Times) than those who don’t.

Exact difference is 0.5% (those who don’t use) & 2.9% (those who do).

#3. Among B2C Marketers it’s highly popular

With 25% of average spending from their entire budget & with a plan to increase it, 86% of Marketers (in B2C segment) use this specific way of Marketing.

So, in Business to Consumer segment it’s one of the most effective Marketing Practice.

#4. Content is important! More Content means More Traffic

Content gives oxygen to the Content Marketing process. So as much Content you will publish it will help you to boost the marketing process & help you to get more traffic.

Now more Traffic is equivalent to more leads. Right? & more leads means more business. At the end of the day we all want this.

So here is the real data which signifies it.

Companies/ Brands that post/ publish 16 articles/ month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those who just publish 4 or even less on monthly basis.

#5. Your Content’s Length matters while you are into Content Marketing

Long form Contents generate more Leads! So if you wanna market your Content better & gain leads from that effort then you must bet on Long Form Content.

As per stats, the articles which consist of more than 1000 words generate 9 times more leads than any of the short-form posts.

#6. People Engage more with a helpful Article than any Advertisement

Advertisement is important but you can never ever compare it with a Helpful piece of article. That’s the real power of content.

Most (70%) of the People prefer to learn about a new thing (Let’s say about a company) from an Article rather by watching any direct advertisement.

Because Advertisement Needs to push but Content Pull. That’s the power of Marketing through Content.

Source: The Financial Brand

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