Google has smashed It’s Competitor’s in Earning from US Search Ad Revenue!

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77.8% of the Total Search Ad Revenue from US will come into Google’s Account!

eMarketer’s latest report shows this clear sign of Google’s dominance in the Search AD Revenue Market of US. As per this report, Search Giant’s total Earning from this segment will be around $28.55 Billion in 2017.

And according to the forecast made, in the coming year of 2018 & 2019 it will increase at a rate of 13.5% & 13% respectively.

So by following this Trend by 2019, 80.2% of the Total Search Ad Revenue from US will come under Google’s Bucket.

When Google is growing in such an astounding pace, it’s competitors are in a significantly lower position.

As per Earning & Growth’s perspective it’s Immediate Competitor is Microsoft. But from Every aspect like, Market Share, Earning & Growth Rate it’s far behind from Google.

According to the eMarketer’s report, in this year Microsoft’s total Search Ad Revenue will be 2.79 Billion USD means 7.6% of the Total US Search Ad Revenue. Significantly lower than Google’s.

Even from growth’s aspect also this report is quite disheartening.

While it has been seen from the report that, Google’s Financial Graph is uprising at the same time Microsoft’s condition is seeming pretty tough in this Search Ad Market.

The situation is quite equal for all others competitors like Yahoo, Yelp, Amazon & Verizon. Though it’s expected that Amazon & Yelp will see a significant Growth Rates in coming years.

Source: Search Engine Land

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