Is your Newly Developed Online Platform Marketing Ready?

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Yup, that’s a Million Dollar Question? You should always ask this before initiating any Marketing Effort for your newly created Online Platform!

Is it really Marketing Ready? Otherwise, all your hard earned money will be totally wasted instead of doing anything good for the platform.

Online Platform's Marketing Initiative


But you know what, many of the people just start about thinking & sweating for Marketing Initiative, Strategy & Budget when their product is still on development phase.

Yes, bro marketing is important but everything has a time/ moment.  Before that nothing gets materialized. Your upcoming Online Platform’s success is not an exception from this.

Without even making the platform ready if you simply jump on the Marketing Bandwagon, ultimately it will hamper your face value in the market.

It will be simply like selling a hope instead of a real thing which you don’t even know whether it will get actually delivered or not what you are promising.

If it gets delivered then fair enough but if it’s not then it may backfire in a very bad way, which you will never want for your ambitious platform/ venture right?

One more vital thing is the feasibility of the features you are promising. Because as the product is still not ready, you can’t just put your dreams in the marketing pitch.

At first, get it ready then create the route map of your marketing plan otherwise, it will be like you have ridden a car without having any destination plan in mind.

In this way, your money will get wasted, your product will get a wrong impression & ultimately you are heading towards darkness. Which will totally cover the future of your dream.

Do you want this? Hope not! Then stop thinking & panicking unnecessarily for the Marketing efforts/ plans while your product is still on development stage.

Because ultimately it’s the product (means your ambitious Online Platform in this case) what people will use & it that’s not ready then what will you market?

So think twice before spending even a dime on Marketing, Is your newly developed (undergoing) Online Platform/ Product Marketing Ready?

What do you all think guys? Lets me know your feedback!

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